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Cross Town Rivalry of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox

Major League Baseball (MLB) has become one of the most loved sports in America. Like most sports, rivalries are found between teams but not many are from the same town. The Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox are cross town Rivals. This rivalry is also known as the BP Cross town Cup, Cross town Classic, The Windy City Showdown, Red Line Series, Halsted Street Series, City Series, Cross town Series, Cross town Cup or Cross town Showdown. Between the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs, the White Sox are definitely the better team overall. The Chicago Cubs team is part of the Central Division of Major League Baseball’s National League. The team is currently owned by a family trust of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts. The club played its first game in 1870 as the Chicago White Stockings and was founded professionally in 1876. The Cubs hold the record for the oldest team still in its original city. The White Sox play in the American League’s Central Division. It was established as a major league baseball club in 1900. The team was originally called the Chicago White Stockings, after the nickname abandoned by the Cubs. The Chicago Cub’s stadium called Wrigley Field has a lot of problems for the defense. The sun makes right field one of the toughest in the majors, because the low Wrigley grandstand does a poor job of blocking the light. In addition, the small foul territory - and the fact that the bullpens are located along the foul lines - makes it that much tougher to field. The winds and the intimidating brick walls also make the Wrigley outfield one of the most difficult places to work in the game. Also the thick grass slows down the infield grounders, and can help range-deficient infielders look competent. The stadium is also very old which may not be very attractive to the fans. The fewer fans there are means the less money the club gets. The Chicago White Sox stadium called the U.S. Cellular Field has many benefits for the team. The infield is perhaps the best in baseball - groundskeeper Roger Bossard keeps it impeccably manicured, so it gives true, clean hops and lowers the error rate significantly. The shorter distance to the outfield fences will reduce the amount of territory for corner outfielders to cover next year. Also pitchers benefit, especially those who give up fly balls, because they can exploit the long outfield dimensions to get outs. The U.S. Cellular Stadium is more beneficial to the players than Wrigley Field. This field is also newer than Wrigley Field which will attract more fans. Since 2000 the Cubs have had seven different managers. Having that many managers in a short amount of time like that is not good. It is very hard to build chemistry throughout the team when they have a new manager almost every year. The batting coaches have not been doing very well. The batting statistics show that almost every batter had a batting average under .300. Batting is what scores runs in the games and if almost every batter has a low average like that, the team will have very low scoring games. The batting coaches are supposed to help with this. The White Sox have had three managers since 2000