Crossfit Lifestyle Essay

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As I walked into the gray warehouse with all the dumbbells and kettle bells placed on the floor, the bars on the racks and the long rope hanging from the ceiling immediately made me want to change my mind about joining Cross fit “Strength Performance Xtreme.All the sweat drip down everyone’s face from the class before helped me realize the extent of the intense workouts. Deciding to join a high-intense workout performance was not too flattering. After experiencing the workouts and noticing the achieved results, Cross Fit was the workout for me. Working out is fun, my whole body has changed and my eating habits have improved. What makes Strength Performance Xtreme extraordinary is that there is no age, mental or physical barriers. Strength Performance Xtreme will train at an individuals’ level. The trainers teach you the proper ways of lifting the bars from the racks to the dumbbells. The workouts listed on the white board are always different. Set up a goal on accomplishing the Cross Fit workout of the day to achieve your strength performance faster. Also, have a goal set to attend daily to witness the improvements. The Strength Performance Xtreme, located on Shiloh and International, has friendly, motivational and professional trainers creating a very comfortable atmosphere. Strength Performance Xtreme main focus is to teach you the fundamental Cross Fit techniques. They teach you the right techniques in lifting the bars or swinging the kettle bells. They teach proper position of holding the bar and proper racking up the weights to avoid injury. They enforce staying at a steady pace and carrying as much as the body can to also help avoid the injury. As time passes by with daily workouts, improvements on your speed and weight lifting strength are notable. The workouts on the white board are never repeated. A new challenge is always waiting. There are three sections on the white board: the warm up, work out of the day, and cash out. By the time I start warming up; there are drops of sweat running down my face. The most intense part of the white board is the “work out” of the day. The workout of the day normally has a lot of reps or number of rounds and consists of: burpees, squats, running, pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups, jump-ropes, box jumps, and much more. Completing the routine workout of the day has increased my record number and my body is more toned and running endurance is better.
The strengths focused at Cross Fit are to slowly increase your weight lifting you put on or use during the workouts. When I began my first week at Cross Fit, the number of weight on my bar was less than 100 lbs. I looked around and saw all the other members with a high number of weights on the bar. As you continue to attend on a daily basis, you slowly see the improvements on the weight increasing on your bar. From maxing out on my first dead lift my weight was 210 lbs. Three weeks later, we maxed out again on dead lifts and I increased forty lbs. Strength Performance Xtreme, we use colored thick bands to assist with the pull-ups. The green band is for beginners and as you improve you advance to a thin blue band. I was on a green thick assistant band and now I moved up to a blue thick assistant band. My trainer will not let me go back to the green band because it is lack of improvement and I digress.
The Cross Fit workouts are competitive. You can compete with your own previous score; compete against a partner of yours in class or at a competition event.