Crossing and Violating People's Right Essay

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ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER By: Alana Spencer 08/22/2012 BEH/225 Jennifer Shultz

Antisocial Personality Disorder

This particular disorder has a pattern of a disregard for other people’s rights, often crossing the line and violating those rights. It starts in childhood or as a teen and continues into their adult lives. Individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder frequently lack empathy and tend to be callous, cynical, and contemptuous of the feelings, rights, and sufferings of others. This particular disorder is diagnosed when a person’s pattern of antisocial behavior has occurred since age 15. (Psych Central Staff) It is stated that adults 18 or older can also be diagnosed with this disorder. The symptoms of this disorder are: failure to conform to social norms, deceitfulness, irritability and aggressiveness, reckless regard, consistent irresponsibility, and lack of remorse. Suicide, alcoholism, vagrancy, social isolation are common among these individuals, but there is a remarkable lack of anxiety or depression for situations in which these emotions are usually expected. (Anti-Social Personality disorder DSM IV 301.70) In order to diagnosis this disorder it would have to be by a trained mental health professional, which are a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Research has found that family physicians and general practitioners can’t diagnosis this disorder because they are not well trained or equipped to make the diagnosis. Since they are not able to make the diagnosis they should refer you to a mental health professional. If you are looking for a reasonable cause to this disorder researchers have not found any yet. The theories that are currently surrounding this disorder are biological and genetic factors, social factors and psychological factors. A lot of things that are surrounding this disorder are shaped by the environment. The current treatment involves long-term psychotherapy that involves a therapist. Medications are also prescribed to relieve some of the symptoms. Therapy should focus on helping the individual develop a trusting relationship with significant people in their lives; children, spouses, etc. (Anti-social Personality Disorder DSM IV 301.70) Behavior is usually id directed due to this lack of ego strength, a result is a need for immediate gratification. An immature superego allows the individual to pursue gratification regardless of the means and without experiencing any of the feelings of guilt. (Anti-Social Personality Disorder DSM IV 301.70) After further research on this disorder I found that males are more vunerable to this disorder than females. Antisocial personality disorder is complicated because it involves several issues and circumstances. It has been also associated with the term “sociopath.” The individual that suffers from this has a lot of concerns with their well-being and the seriousness of complications that surround it. In order to understand the disorder you first have to diagnosis the problem and where it evolves from. After hearing