Crossword Puzzle Games

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Games Songs, games, dictations are several activities for success the teaching listening process. One of that activity that used by English teacher in Al-hikmah junior high school is game. The general meaning of games is play and we know that every people have fun to play. Its line with Linse and Nunan’s view, (2005:53) they state that game is a part of playing. In the other hand, Jill Hadfield (1990) give defined that game as an activity with rules, a goal and an element of fun. Now days we can find some games add by some lesson inside and we call it education games. An activity that consist of element of fun make the students enjoy and relax to do it while learning process. For the effectiveness of using game in teaching learning process, …show more content…
We can find and play it online, at the computer, smartphone, newspaper, magazine or we can make it by our self. It also as the one of favorite games that choose to accompany us to spend our free time. This game are consist of some clue and black-white squares. We can play it by write some words that are the answers to questions in a pattern of black and white squares. We must fill the white squares that placed in the grid from left to right or from top to bottom with some word by descriptive audio as the clues. It is the familiar game that can played by every people by easier make it fun and used every place including school. The teacher can make simple and applied it at teaching learning process. According to Wharton (1995: 48) stated that crossword puzzle for use in the language classroom is really quite easy to create. By applied crossword puzzle games, it makes the teaching learning process attractive because it not only write the true answer of the clue, but it also motivated the students to solve the puzzle that make by the …show more content…
Its writing can be poetic at times, and explaining things in detail. The descriptive writing guide focuses on making a written advertisement, reporting on an event, and describing person/ object. The social function of this text is to describe a particular person, place, or thing, for instance description a particular building, specific animal, particular place and specific person. The purpose of this text is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing in detail.
Generic structure of Descriptive Text There are three generic structures of descriptive text; they are identification, description, and conclusion. The definition about each generic structure of descriptive text are:
Identification : Identification usually placed on the beginning of part of paragraph that introduce the character that the writer write. It can be general statement about place, person or thing that the writer want to describes. It usually interesting and able to provoke the reader to read the text.
Description : Description is the part of paragraph that describe the character that we write in detail. By read this part, the reader can easily imagine the see, feel, and hear that the writer have seen, felt and heard. The description of the object can done according to different eagles, such as size, length, strength, color, height, condition