Crow Lake Journal Analysis

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Crow Lake Journal (Part One)
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Passage: She had spun for half an hour on the Sabbath day. Back then, that was counted as a major sin. (Page 3) Emotions, even positive ones, were kept firmly under control. It was the Eleventh Commandment. (Page 9) - During the timeframe of when Kate’s great-grandmother was alive in, religion was a major aspect of society. The author reflects on the religious importance of that time as Kate states how working on Sabbath was a major sin.
Symbol: The portrait of Kate’s great-grandmother. - The portrait of Great-Grandmother Morrison is a symbol as Grandma Morrison was keen on wanting all her children to have an education beyond the farm (Page 23). Kate took this portrait with her when
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(Page 30) - This passage represents an example of a Simile. This is because the author helps describe Luke’s hair by using the words: “Like a well-ploughed field.” By including this comparison, the reader is able to have a better understanding of what Luke’s hair really looks like.
I wonder why Ms. Morrison stated “That poor woman,” In regards to Alice Pye. (Page 32, 42) - I believe that Calvin Pye, the husband of Alice Pye, might possibly be abusive towards his family. This is because Alice Pye and their children were always quiet, obedient, and looked scared (Page 32). As well, one of the Pye’s rather risked death than face his father for jumping in the frozen lake (Page 42). If this occurred in one of the previous Pye generations, it is most likely that the abusive behaviour caused by one of Calvin’s ancestors is still present. This is because in most cases, the son becomes the father.
Theme: Religious Tolerance was a family creed and you defied it at your peril. (Page 33) - The theme is that religious tolerance is very important. This can be seen as in the Morrison family, it is very important to be tolerable of other
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The Indians are really poor.” – Kate (Page 67) - This quote represents the stereotyping of natives that has occurred in the past. In the past, and in the present, natives have been denied basic benefits and help. This has led to a majority of them living under the poverty line where the government only partially contributes to their wellbeing. By stating this, author gives awareness to the issue of Native Americans in Canada.
Literary Device: Matt’s voice was flat and hard and thin as a fish knife. (Page 73) - In this passage, the author uses a simile in order to describe Matt’s voice. By stating his voice “was flat and hard and this as a fish knife,” it gives the reader a better description of what Matt is feeling.
Observation: Luke sacrifices his future and teaching career in order for the family to remain together and for Matt to go to University. (Page 73) - I feel Luke is extremely selfless by sacrificing his future in order for the family to remain together and for Matt to go to University. This shows that Luke truly cares about his family, and their