Essay Crowd Control vs Crowd Management (for a Powerpoint)

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Crowd Control

(All persons have the right to march, demonstrate, protest, rally, or perform other activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and The California Constitution. However, any limitations or restrictions placed on demonstrations or other First Amendment activities must be justified by the requirements of maintaining public safety, public health, or safe access/ egress from the area, and should restrict no more speech than necessary.)

-Techniques used to address unlawful public assemblies, including display of formidable numbers of police offenders, crowd containment, dispersal tactics and arrest procedures

*When is control needed?
-When a demonstration turns into a riot, police
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Make sure that officers know what the role of volunteers will be during the event. Police also need to know how to recognize the volunteers. Be sure to introduce the leaders of the volunteer groups and let them speak to the officers at pre-event roll calls.

3. Police should have available a large number of officers ready to report within minutes if an emergency develops. Put plainclothes officers in the crowd to handle assaults and to catch more criminals. This also cuts down the number of visible uniforms in the crowd. Use shift schedules for police officers to lessen fatigue on hot afternoons and late at night. A helicopter can be used to videotape the event for review and planning purposes. Avoid having too many officers in riot gear appearing in the area, because it creates crowd tension.

4. The Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of laws, ordinances and crowd management operations related to both juveniles and adults

5. Ensure the event runs smoothly, crowd acts orderly before, during, and after the event, and the public enjoys the events which encourages attendance.
*Must be aware of:
(Street Closures, crowd size, curfew policy)

**The Dynamic of a crowd**
a. Time= the period during which the crowding occurs. "Early arrivals" vs. "Late arrivals".
b. Space= the size and configuration of the area occupied. Must analyze the critical density or average area per person that occurs in uncontrolled crowds, and the architectural