Essay about CRT Week 8 Penn State Scandal

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After reading the article the person I selected to write about is the ex-assistant coach Mike McQueary. Mike Query saw Jerry Sandusky doing something terrible to a minor one night in the school locker room and did nothing that day. Knowing all of this McQueary talked to his father about the incident then informed his superior Joe Paterno about what he witnessed in the locker room.
This incident impact of McQueary affect more than just the rightfully accused but it also affected McQueary and Joe Paterno. Sandusky was fired and charged with the crime that he allegedly committed. Knowing McQueary and Paterno did the right thing with informing their superiors on what was going on they both were fired. Paterno was fired because of his actions after he received the troubling information from McQueary. McQueary was fired because once he found out what Sandusky was doings with minors he did not intervene or try to stop what was going on.
If I was in the same position as Mike McQueary I would have done something in this type of situation. I would have rescued the minor from the situation. At this time there would be two things to think about whether to inform the cops or my superiors first. I would first inform my superiors first on what I witnessed so they can have some way on protecting themselves and for the school to take some type of action on the situation before the law gets involved. After a day have went by I would then report Sandusky to the police .My moral reasoning…