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AP Book Report 1.

Title of Work: The Crucible
Author and date written: Arthur Miller, 1952.
Country of author
: New York, United States of America
: Major:
The orphaned niece of Reverend Parris and the main conspirator of the witch trials. She was involved in an affair with John Proctor and remains infatuated with him.
● Conniving
­ Abigail is caught dancing in the wood and conjuring spirits by her uncle. In order to avoid trouble she pushes aside her morals and lies in turn causing a hysteria.
● Vindictive
­ Throughout the book Abigail dishes out her revenge on Elizabeth in hopes of getting John to admit his love to her. John Proctor
­ A farmer in his middle thirties who is critical of hypocrites and well respected for his sharpness in Salem. He had an affair with the young Abigail and has to face to the suspicion of his family being worshippers of the devil as Abigail dishes out her revenge.

Intelligent­ John is one of the few characters that sees Abigail for what she truly is, a petulant child avoiding punishment. He constantly attempts to make the townspeople see the truth using logic.
● Regretful­
John is revealed to be a “sinner against his own vision of decent conduct” and he struggles to make up to his mistakes and maintain his good relationship with his wife,

Elizabeth Proctor
­ The wife of John Proctor and the woman who was accused of being a witch by the jealous Abigail. She is loyal to her husband but often displays her discontent towards situations. ● Loyal­ Elizabeth displays her loyalty to John in court. Hoping to spare his reputation she denies that John has committed adultery.
● Sharp­
Like her husband Elizabeth is sharp and intelligent. She is able to see that the accusations made by the girls are fraudulent. Minor:
Reverend Parris­ A man in his middle forties who is the Reverend of Salem. He has a bad reputation among the townspeople.
● Greedy­ Parris displays his greed when he frets over his pay and how his wood. He often preaches about money rather that the religion.

● Selfish­ Parris is believed to genuinely care about his daughter Betty in the beginning of book but as he speaks more its revealed that he is worried about his reputation. 5.
Major Settings: The main setting of the book is Salem which was located in Northern
America in the year of 1692. The year gives the reader a clue that technology and modern advancements are not present in the book. Salem is located in was is now called Massachusetts in what is described as a heavily forested area in the book. Farms and small homes made of wood are also present. 6.
Plot Outline
: Reverend Parris of Salem caught his orphaned niece Abigail and his daughter Betty along with a group of another town girl dancing in the woods and believes they are conjuring spirits. Betty is startled by Parris’s sudden appearance in the woods and faints. As the play begins Betty is bedridden and refuses to rise. Parris calls Reverend John Hale of Beverly who has experience with witches to help him wake Betty and deal with the what he feels is a witch problem. John Proctor is introduced and it is revealed that Abigail once worked his wife,
Elizabeth, before she seduced him. Abigail believes that John still loves her and Elizabeth is trying to ruin her reputation in town. Betty awakes after Abigail threatens her and the begin to accuse who ever they see fit of being witches even the slave Tituba who was simply following orders. Hysteria continues and people start to confess to crime that were never committed.
Abigail uses this as an opportunity to accuse Elizabeth of being a witch. The Proctor’s servant
Mary Warren, one of the girls dancing in the woods, tell them the news. Reverend Hale visits their home interrogates them where they reveal that they believe that this witch hunt is all just a hoax. John takes