Crucible Chapter Summaries Essay

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Act One
Betty Parris has been struck ill and her father Mr. Parris, reverend of Salem, does not know why. He questions his niece Abigail why she was caught dancing in the woods with Betty and others suspecting witchcraft however Abigail claims they were only dancing. Susanna, the doctor’s assistant, informs Mr. Parris that no cure was found for Betty and to suspect witchcraft. Mr. Parris then calls John Hale reverend of Beverly and an expert on witch craft to disprove this theory. Mr. and Mrs. Putnam are then introduced with the knowledge that they sent their daughter Ruth to Tituba for personal reasons and now she lays in bed ill also. Servants Mercy Lewis and Mary Warren both drop by to check on Betty and Abigail informs them of her uncle knowing what they did the night before. Mary wants to come clean in fear of being accused as a witch but Abigail persuades her not to. John Proctor enters as Mercy and Mary leave and Abigail tries to re pursue their fling only to be rejected harshly. Mr. Giles and Rebecca, a nurse, enters. Rebecca tries to reasonably explain the girl’s illnesses only to be put off. Finally enters Mr. Hale, expert on witchcraft. He begins questioning Abigail who blames everything on Tituba even though she asked Tituba to put a spell on Mrs. Proctor to kill her. Tituba then admits that the devil wants her to do his dirty work and to kill Mr. Parris but she denies the Devil and accepts God into her. She tells Mr. Hale that she sees women with the devil. Betty, Abigail, Tituba, and Ruth finally open themselves up to God also and begin accusing multiple women of working with the Devil to save themselves.

Act Two
Act two begins with Mr. and Mrs. Proctor sitting down at the dinner table. Elizabeth tells her husband that Mary, their servant left the house today to go to Salem when she was deliberately told not to. When she arrives home Mr. Proctor questions her only to find out that she is part of a court listening in on trials with news of thirty nine women being thrown in jail and put on trial for involvement in witch craft. She also informs them that she defended Elizabeth’s name in court as one of the accused. She then gives Elizabeth a doll she sewed while waiting in court. Mr. Hale then visits the Proctors house to talk to everyone who has been accused of witchcraft. He asks Mr. Proctor to recite his ten commandments he manages to recites them all except for the one about adultery which lead Mr. Hale to question the families Christianity. Giles Corey and Nurse Francis then enter hysterically claiming their wives had been taken to be put on trial. Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick, who is the town marshal, arrive at Proctors house a little later with orders to arrest Elizabeth. Ezekiel asks Elizabeth if she owns any dolls and he spots the one Mary gave her when she returned home. There is a pin in its belly button which Abigail mirrored in herself to frame Elizabeth. They take Elizabeth away and Proctor tells Mary she will testify against Abigail.

Act 3
Act three begins with Mr. Corey interrupting his wife’s questioning in court to provide proof of his wife’s innocence but gets thrown out of the court only to be joined by Hathorne, Hale, Parris, and Danforth to hear what he has to say. Mr. Proctor then enters with Mary Warren to admit that she and the girls were only pretending to see spirits. Danforth believes that Proctor is only trying to overthrow the court but he assures them it is only to save his wife. He then gives them a deposition with 91 signatures vouching the innocence of Proctors and his friend’s wives. Giles brings in Mr.…