Crucible Of Struggle: Film Analysis

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Sometimes it’s hard to find our place in the world, wondering as a vagrant to the world’s mercy. The world, however, is not so merciful, ignoring the endeavors we face every day. Miklo, our main character, faces adversity at every point of his life from the color of his skin to finding his true identity as a Chicano. Relative to Miklo, Chicanos have struggled in every way, struggling for equal rights, inhibited by a world who not so long ago considered African Americans property. Nevertheless, the search for equality would proceed in the periods, after World War II, during the Great Depression, in the 70s and 60s, and even present day as we struggle to achieve the God Given Rights of America in the face of adversity.
Identity that which we all struggle to find; countless times we go through great lengths to find the true us. Similarly, Miklo, a white man by birth, struggles with this himself, in Taylor
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In Chapter 7 of Crucible Of Struggle, the Memorial Day Massacre is discussed, a public display of a repressed strike which ended in bloodshed and violence, with a total of 10 people killed and 61 were injured, change was needed. Comparatively, Paco, a supporting character of the movie, distrusts the police, who to this day oppress and subjugate the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. Ironically, Paco would go on to become part of the armed forces, becoming that which he hated so dearly not so long ago. Many say Paco lost his identity, leaving behind what made him Paco, however we are all growing and changing everyday of our lives. Paco merely adapted to the life he was given, resorting to enlisting in the army just to avoid jail. In a way, Paco represents the Chicanos who were killed and injured that horrific day, adapting to change and fighting against oppression and injustice, as Paco used his insight as a gang member to fight Onda and other