Crucible: Salem Witch Trials and American Society Post Essay

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The Boiling Caldron How can a book so historically inaccurate play such a tremendous roll in today’s class room? That’s because it talks about how society can live in such great fear of groups of people. The teams of The Crucible can be seen in our society today and in the past. Society today can erupt at any time because of all the fear people live in everyday just like a boiling crucible. Today we have heroes like John Procter that try to save society from exploding. The Crucible is a historical in accurate book wrote about the Salem witch trials. The book was really talking about the American society post World War II. The government had the people of America terrified of communism they were afraid it would spread all across Europe and come to America. To protect the free country of America the government tried to find communist living among the common people and put them on trial. This was like a “witch hunt” from The Crucible. This kind of scare is still present in today’s society as well. Today one of the biggest scares among the American people is the fear of being attacked by terrorists. So today we like to accuse Middle Eastern folks of being terrorist. The whole society is living in fear of thesis people just like Salem lived in fear of witches and the devil. Society will always live in fear of some group of people and this will always be present from now and the future to come.

A Crucible is a pot that is used to heat objects to really high tempters. This is related to the story to Crucible because the town of Salem was like a Crucible ready to blow up it just need the spark to ignited the whole thing. The who town was constantly fighting with each other over land, and money. The whole witch scare set the whole crucible up in flames. Everyone was being accused of witch craft thethought was if I don’t like someone I can just say they are a witch and then they will be