Essay about Crucible: Salem Witch Trials and John Proctor

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Dillon Gonzales
16 January 2015

The Crucible The Crucible written by Arthur Miller in 1953 tells a story of what it was like living trough the Salem witch trials and what it was like to be one of the accused. The main character in the play is John Proctor, “a farmer in his middle thirties” is stuck in the middle of it all and is motivated to find falsehood and expose it. In Act 1, Abigail goes to extreme lengths to take the place of Elizabeth Proctor because she fell in love with proctor after they he had an affair with her. But he wants nothing to do with her because he still loves his wife. She thinks that if something happens to Elizabeth it would open Proctors heart to her, but she doesn’t realize the consequences of witch craft in Salem. She tries doing witch craft in the woods which results in Betty getting sick and them trying hide it, “Speak nothing’ of it in the village.” Reverend Parris starts to believe that they are lying and tries to call them out on it, “Now tell me true, Abigail. And I pray you feel the weight of truth upon you,” He doesn’t believe they were in the forest just dancing.
In Act 2, the ones accused of witchcraft are put to trial and before this
Throughout the play he tries to force Mary Warren to admit that all the nonsense if the witch trials was all “pretence”. But when this fails he has to sacrifice and ruin his own reputation to point out Abigail’s dishonesty and falsehood. And when everything fails and everything lies on