Crucible Theme Essay

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John Paul Wu
Ms. Nora
English 10 – B-Block
Crucible Final Project
March 6, 2013
Lying to Live
Are any teenagers willing to speak out the truth to adults that is in charge of certain circumstance to sacrifice only themselves in order to save others life or lie to save their own life? Will I believe that most teenagers will save their own life rather than saving others, unless that people they are saving must be related to them or worth for them to save. It is because they may be scare of getting hurt or ruined their reputation after telling the truth. In The Crucible story, Arthur Miller describes how far humans will go to save themselves from punishments regardless of the consequences and become unstoppable.
Everything starts in Salem, a tiny Massachusetts village where a group of girls lead by Tituba dances in the forest naked and start the witchcraft. During the dance, there is a girl that went shocked, “My Betty not goin’ die…” said Tituba. (Pg. 8) There is no point of worrying when you never do anything bad or things that cannot be seen by others. Well, after the parents found out, “What did you do with her in the forest?” said Paris to Abigail chasing for an answer. (Pg. 11) Parents always worry about their child even when they got a tiny cut. As a teenager they afraid of getting whipped, “Be whipped!” said Abigail to herself and getting afraid. (Pg. 19) Humans are meant to be scared of consequences when they have done something wrong and know that’s wrong by themselves.
Now the girls are getting a huge pressure from the adults that are in charge to tell the truth about whatever they do in the forest. Hale asks Abigail, “Did you call the Devil last night?” pressuring her to answer a question that she have no idea on. (Pg. 42) Adults often ask questions that teenagers have no idea on and they want answers that do not make sense, and not the truth that he/she give. So Abigail give Hale the answer he wanted, “I never called him. Tituba, Tituba…” and the target switched from her to Tituba. (Pg. 42) In the whole world nobody is trust worthy unless they are your family members, because everyone wants to destroy your successful path with their dirty mind. Abigail successfully put all danger on Tituba, “I should like to speak with Tituba.” (Pg. 42) When there is an adult that do not search for any solid evidence and just believe when everyone says, you can