Cruise Ship Essay

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A cruise is providing customers with an experience of a lifetime. The company seeks to fulfill the following needs of the customers to the extent of delighting them:
• Customer Service
• Delivering on its Promise

The tourism industry has been growing at a high rate for the last few years. Due to busy lives, people are willing to spend more on vacations than anything else. Though most vacation packages are costly, but they provide a feeling of satisfaction and serve as a source of relaxation. The factors mainly included in these trends are family comfort, a feeling of togetherness and willingness to spend on vacations.

The market’s growth is steady and present throughout the world. The frequent
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• PASSENGER MOTIVATION: There has to be certain minimum no of passenger s for the cruise to sail.
Whether the cruise will be able to generate revenue or at least achieve breakdown points or not.

Whether the passengers are allowed to visit places in the countries visited or they are restricted to the cruise only.

Not enough customers might be attracted during rainy and winter season the bad weather may cause problems with the voyage.
Are safety measures to life boats, danger absorbers, and other safety equipment in proper working condition?


In the global era, creating awareness among potential customers is a really important factor which plays a major role in the popularity of a product. This important factor is really difficult to put into practice. Competition among different organizations is based on their marketing strategy. The more aggressive and vast you develop your strategy, the more chances you have to capture the market. We will market “Zephyr Lily” through media, magazines, and billboards. These are the most successful and approachable mediums. We will spend the major part of our initial investment in marketing campaigns. We will also have contracts with Citibank, Standard Chartered and UBL through which their loyal and highly profitable credit