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Alex Hall
16 Nov. 2014

Crux Buster #10 what kind of book
The book, “Robinson Crusoe,” by Daniel Defoe is about a man from England who wants to set sail in hopes of finding riches but has a major set back, his father. His father is not on board with the idea of his son being on board (lol). Robinson, doing it anyways, finds that he advances financially from his first voyage so he tries it again, unfortunately the second time is not the charm because he finds himself ransacked by a bunch of pirates that send him to a town called Sallee where he is enslaved. From that day on his life is changed forever, which causes a sequence of events from him being moved to brazil, becoming cast away with a wrecked ship in Trinidad, making of a calendar on a cross, saving the life of a boy he named Friday and making him his servant in return, running across cannibals, becoming the “leader” of some of the Spaniards and finding his way back to England. A woman by the name of Leslie Stephen writes about her feelings towards this exert. She goes on to say that, “this book is for boys rather than men” and “it lacks any high intellectual interest.. But for people who are not proud to take a rather low order of amusement Robinson Crusoe will always be one of the most charming books.” Stephens is right in the aspect that is it an easy read and if you are looking for a more intellectual read, you should direct yourself towards something a little different. One specific aspect Stephens is responding to can be when Crusoe finds himself strained on the island of Trinidad and documents every little thing that he does, from taking a total of five days to make a chair to him finding an “iron-tree”…