Crvical Cancer

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I have chosen cervical cancer as a topic for my Enquiry question. I came across various resources and link on AUT database as well as Google and have shortlisted some links which have helped me in making the assignment. After evaluating all the sources I choosed the question for my EP1 that was “how cervical is most common in India” but unfortunately, because I wasn’t aware of credible sources and links mentioned in my assignment therefore, I end up failing my EP1, and it was a big drawback for me. Then I decided to take a personal feedback from my tutor so that I won’t repeat the same mistake which I have done in EP1, however after the guidance from my tutor I changed my enquiry question for EP2 that was, “what are the factors that cause cervical cancer in women and how effective are the current prevention strategies”. I have mentioned some of the important links and statistics in order to make my EP2 assignment strong. As passed on from EP2 have stepped into EP3 which was a presentation as I needed it to deliver in front of the class and tutor, it was the toughest task because facing so many students at the same time is not an easy thing for me personally because I was lacking confidence and was nervous as well,but at the end all went good and I passed it. Overall my performance was average and would like to make it perfect in near future so that I can achieve my target with excellence. I have come across various challenges throughout the semester because as I came to AUT, I didn’t had much confidence and was very nervous to meet new people and the atmosphere because it was very different for me but later on I started catching up with them and started gaining confidence and started asking questions to tutor. Time management was the biggest challenge as I have to work in coordination along with other subjects as well then I use to work part time as well for my expenses. Firstly it put a lot of obstacles in order to manage everything on time but lately I came up with certain solutions which helped me a lot in KEC. So I started bifurcating my time accordingly and started focusing more on certain criteria which I lack behind previously. And as I am working part time which also made my life hard because it was very difficult to manage studies while working and also had to catch up on other subjects as well which was such a big challenged. More likely it was very hard for me to write academic essays as it was my first experience in AUT then my pervious education. Overall I can say things were really very challenging but have tackle all of them and try to make myself up.

Cervical cancer was very new topic for me, I havn’t had enough knowledge about