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Project Description #2015.1
Student Attendance System
As the number of students in each class increases, it has become more difficult to obtain information about each student and to maintain an attendance record. This requested system will help address these problems.
Section - a class taught by a specific instructor during one semester
CRN - the five digit number which uniquely identifies a section during one semester
General Requirements:
There will be three levels of users: Administrator, Faculty, Student.
The Administrator will

edit his own credentials create and edit faculty accounts delete records of attendance for a section by CRN and term delete all records of attendance associated with a specific instructor delete all attendance records for a particular semester have access to all faculty functionalities

Faculty will




edit his/her credentials create a section of a course for a particular term to include the CRN, term, year, program identifier, e.g., CIS, course number, meeting day(s), class start time and location. upload a bulk list of students for a section as a comma delimited file formatted as lastName,firstName,700# Note that a record for a student may already exist if he/she has been entered before. In that case, only the student’s enrollment in the section needs to be noted. If it does not exist, a password must be created. generate a report for a section consisting of a list of student names with 700# and passwords spaced such that the information can be cut into slips each pertaining to a student select a section and enter an “attendance mode.” Specify the date. A picture of each student is displayed with his/her last name below. When a picture is clicked, a red X will appear over the picture. The X can be removed, if clicked again. When a “Record Attendance” button is selected, all students with no X should be recorded as absent for that class for that date. when absences are recorded, send an email to the instructor which includes the date, course identifier and number, e.g. CIS 5690, and a list of names of students absent followed by a list of their email addresses separated by commas view a student profile of a student selected by 700#, name or by picture from a display of all pictures in a section. Allow access to attendance records for the term for sections the instructor teaches. A student may be enrolled in more than one section with the same instructor. pull an attendance report which lists all students and dates absent for a particular section


during a particular term. This should be limited to sections the instructor teaches.
Upload a picture of a student. Each jpeg file will be named with the student’s 700# and have a
.jpg extension.

The Student will


access the system using his/her 700# and password see his/her profile displayed to include picture, name, 700#, nick name, contact phone number, contact email address, town of residence, e.g., Warrensburg, and answers to the following: Describe your work experience.
What software development languages/tools have you used?
What web development languages/tools have you