Crystal: Employment and Private Sector Essay

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Crystal Recillas
Ms. Cheek
Period 3

Private Sector Job Growth Holding Up

I think that the private sector was adding 198,000 jobs in February, with most of this job growth occurring in the services sector. This growth can be attributed to comparable contributions across small, medium and large businesses. Some people might believe that the government is cutting jobs, but actually they are adding jobs. The private sector had added millions of jobs, and the government had been working so hard to make the economy grow.
In January, the ADP sector cut a lot of jobs in industries affecting a lot of workers primarily in the reductions to the guard. But in February, the sector job was encouraging in that it showed small employers; those with fewer than 50 workers, accounting for 39% of the jobs added in this period of economic recovery. They also receive more special care for example; they receive health care services like home health care and hospitality in case of accidents.
The ADP's data for February had private sector jobs up by 215,000, more than the jobs that were reported in January. The overall job reported against by the ADP is consistent with the decreasing numbers claims for jobless. In addition, the ADP's salaries monthly are based on payroll checks that it processes for about 24 million employees at private firms. It's record in tracking the government's official job number mixed. Employment grew professionally in business. Also, the average monthly compensation grew in February compared to the decrease reported in January. Employees are