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Crystal’s Story
It was a Sunday night and Crystal and Chris were sitting on the couch watching the news when the warning came on about this shark glomming around the beach called umbys and that’s the beach Chris was going to the next day with his mate. After the news Chris went to the computer and searched up some facts about the type of sharks that would have been glomming around at the beach over the past few years and there has never been a moment were Crystal has worried about herself and Chris when they are out there surfing together and when Chris would go out there with his mate. It was 5.00 am on the Monday and Crystal was just getting out of bed for work, while Chris was already up and packing for his surfing trip. As Crystal got in the car and while the garage door was opening she said ‘goodbye and have a good surfing trip with your mate and be careful ’ to Chris and he said ‘thank-you and goodbye, have a good day at work and I will try and be careful for you my love’. He went back inside to see if we had everything for his surfing trip. His mate came and knocked on his door and Chris came running down the hall way and as he was running down the hall way the dog was barking at the sound it makes. They both packed the car with the surfboards and other stuff. They had a long journey ahead so they went when the car was packed and already to go. Chris loved to put the window down and smell the fresh air as they are driving to the beach and he would tell his mate that they were close to the beach because he would smell the salty air the hear the waves crashing down on the shore. The ocean was filled with lots of sounds which he loved hearing every time he went to the beach. As they got to the beach they unpacked the car and went down a hill to their spot where they always surfed together as mates. They have known each other since Chris moved down here 18 months ago with his girlfriend. They both started to become mates when they were surfing out at umby’s when they went to catch the same wave and crashed in to each other and that was the day they became best mates.
They got to the beach and it has nice waves, it was a sunny and hot day and no one else was there just them two. They put on their wetsuits on and headed down to the water, the water was nice and warm. They started padding out to were the big waves were. They both had some good sets come through. Chris and his mate came and sat on the boards and just started talking about their weekends and what they did. Chris brought up about the sharks that have been glomming about this beach and he said ‘it was on the news last night’. His mate had this weird look on his face and asked him if he was worried Chris said ‘yes I am worried I bit but don’t worry there is awesome sets coming through and I am surfing with my best mate could that get any better’ that second he said that his mate saw this big large black thing that went under his board. His mate thought it was a dolphin or a big school of fish so he started to paddle for this big wave until he saw it come up behind Chris when it got both of Chris’s legs and pulled him under, his mate paddled as hard as he could over to Chris to try and rescue him by the time he got to Chris the shark pulled