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CS682 Spring Session 1 2014
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Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Assignment Part 1 2 2.1 Management Information Systems - for WallGray’s pharmacy chain.(1) 2 2.1.1 Purpose 2 2.1.2 System Users 2 2.1.3 Inputs to the System 2 2.1.4 Outputs from the System 2 2.2 Decision Support Systems – for Home Depot (2) 2 2.2.1 Purpose 2 2.2.2 System Users 3 2.2.3 Inputs to the System 3 2.2.4 Outputs from the System 3 2.3 Executive Information Systems – for Wal-Mart (3) 3 2.3.1 Purpose 3 2.3.2 System Users 3 2.3.3 Inputs to the System 3 2.3.4 Outputs from the System 3 2.4 Expert Systems
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System Users
Typical users of the system are mid-level operations managers who will constantly monitor levels of inventory for each product and make decisions.

Inputs to the System
All sales are recorded electronically at cash registers in each store. These Point-Of-Sale (POS) information are transmitted to the EIS on a daily basis.

Outputs from the System
The Inventory and sales information pulled from POS are analyzed carefully and fed into the product replenishment models of EIS. These models makes recommendations for items that need to be shipped and generates work orders for the remainder.
Expert Systems – for BIGHOSP, a major hospital.(4)

The primary purpose of this system is to provide possible diagnosis and a likelihood score for a symptom.

System Users
The primary users of this system are Doctors that provide primary care to their patients.

Inputs to the System
Typical inputs to the system are patient symptoms and answers to any questions the ES asks.

Outputs from the System
ES applies a set of rules to the symptoms and answers to questions and provides a possible diagnosis and a likelihood score. A likelihood score indicates that the chance that the diagnosis is right.
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