Essay on Csi Miami vs Csi Real Life

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For this assignment I chose Double Jeopardy from CSI Miami, season four episode eighteen. In this episode a husband is found innocent of his wife's murder just as her missing body is being pulled from the ocean by a fisherman. March 26 Mr. Rowe discovered his wife’s racial status and she disappeared on October 5th but the husband waited 3 days to report her death. During this time he practiced killing Terisa Matherdy. Losing four twenty lb weight set in the process.
The CSI team must try to find new evidence linking the husband to the deed since he can't be tried again with the same it is considered "Double Jeopardy." A little evidence and timely confessions shows that the husband and his girlfriend did, indeed, kill the
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The finger nail and the pantyhose evidence was my second chose. It can take hours, days, even weeks, to match a bullet to a gun or DNA to a suspect. Suspect matches don't just happen miraculously or overnight, as on the show. “The shows on television do have an element of accuracy in them. They even hire professionals to act as technical advisers to ensure that they don’t depart too far from reality. For the most part, the techniques used on the shows to collect and analyze evidence are the correct techniques for that particular situation, however, in real-life it may not look as pretty as the state-of-the-art equipment on TV. Where the shows tend to go wrong is in their methodology, due to the time-constraints of fitting in a whole case in one hour.” (
Another fun one was the electromagnetic wave machine. It looked like a hand cycle with a standing hand grip attached to Samsungs version of an iPad to me. Oh and yes you can clearly see Samsung written on the device. How were they able to distinctly “see a bone” if it was a landfill. Honestly, it could have been a movie prop, dead dog, or maybe another person.
Finally, we see those flash Hollywood CSI members throwing guns around in homes without warrants and all of the homes happen to have broken doors. You won't, according to my uncle, see forensic scientists burst into