CSI: A Hero That Speaks For the Silent Witnesses Left Behind Essay

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CSI: A Hero That Speaks For the Silent Witnesses Left Behind September 14, 2013

CSI: A Hero That Speaks For the Silent Witnesses Left Behind

A crime scene investigator is an often forgotten about hero that is the voice for the silent witnesses that are left behind. Since evidence cannot talk, a CSI speaks for the evidence collected at a crime scene. Ask yourself this question “Can you name one famous crime scene investigator?” Most people know the name of the perpetrator, the victim, and/or the prosecuting attorney. I can name the perpetrator of a recent murder trial (Jodi Arias), the victim in that case (Travis Alexander), and the prosecuting attorney (Juan Martinez). I even know the names of the perpetrator’s family as well as the victim’s family. However, I do not have any idea who collected the evidence or who investigated the crime. So it’s a shame that investigators have the most important role in solving a criminal case, yet they are never mentioned for their work in solving the case. In today’s world, if were not for crime scene investigators, criminal cases would never be solved. “Despite Hollywood's portrayal, crime scene investigation is a difficult and time consuming job.” (Crime 2013)

Knowing first hand that a crime scene investigator (CSI), does not have a glamorous job such as it may be portrayed on television, I would like to obtain a degree in criminal justice to become a CSI. Being a crime scene investigator requires a lot of hard work, time and dedication to your job. An important first step in becoming a crime scene investigator, is deciding what region you will be working in and if you want to specialize in a certain area within crime scene investigations. Some companies require a person to become a sworn officer before becoming a CSI; others do not have that requirement. There are some CSI jobs that require a four year bachelor’s degree while others only require a two year associate’s degree. The salary of a crime scene investigator varies depending on your education and/or area of specialization.” In May 2012, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the mean hourly wage for a CSI as $26.79.” (Crime scene 2013) Having an advanced education with a major in forensic science, or a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in biology or chemistry, has a much higher paying salary. Another benefit to having an advanced education in the field of CSI is having the ability to work with the latest technological advancements that are happening with criminal investigations today and future advancements. It can take anywhere from 6-10 years to fully become a crime scene investigator. That includes years in college as well as the years needed in field training and experience. All the requirements, hard work and dedication needed to become a CSI, can seem like a difficult task to achieve. However, the prospects for growth in the field of criminal investigations are enormous.

Requiring many hours of investigative field work with varying hours can make being a crime scene investigator a difficult job for anyone. It takes a person with patience and good concentration skills to process a crime scene effectively. It also requires a person to be in good physical shape to be a crime scene investigator. Working