Cst 202 Project Management Research Paper

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Juan Calderon
CST 202
Assignment 3
1. Write the script for a one-minute explanation of basic project management concepts.
Project management uses a various way to keep track of projects. They make a project tringle and each side of it corresponds to one of the three scope, time and cost. They also plan the project step by step in order to be more precise. The management will be in charge on setting the project deadline, will assign tasks that need to be worked on and will report to the supervisors giving them continuos updates.
2. What is a task? What is an event? What is a milestone?
A task is an specific work that you and/or the team need to work on, the task is usually divided into small jobs. Project usually have milestones and events.
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What specific information do you need to create a work breakdown structure?
The information needed is the name of the task, deadline, start and end date and predecessors. These are the key for managers to be able to create a work breakdown structure.
4. What are the three main task patterns? Provide an example of each.
Dependent: These are task that depend on each other in order to work.
Multiple Successor: These tasks are able to work concurrently.
Multiple predecessor: This one has needs pre requisites task to be finished in order to be completed.
5. Explain the differences between a Gantt chart and a PERT/CPM chart.
PERT/CPM analyzes complex and large projects and Gantt Charts give an overview of the project, but it cannot analyze complex information.
6. What formula can a project manager use to estimate task duration? Provide an example.
The formula that he manager can use is (B+4P+W)/6.
For example, a project manager might estimate that a file-conversion task could be completed in as few as 20 days or could take as many as 34 days, but most likely will require 24 days. Using the formula, the expected task duration is 25 days, calculated as follows:
(20 + (4*24) + 34)/6=25. Example taken from page 76 of chapter
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What is a common problem in calculating start and finish times? Provide an example.
One common problem the amount of time it takes employees to work on a task from start to finish, its hard to calculate that since the pace is going to be different for everyone. An example could be that an employee might need 3 days to work on and fix code, but it might no take 3 people half of the day to finish the same work.
8. Why is the critical path important? Why would a task be on the critical path?
A critical path is a series of tasks that, if delayed, would affect the completion date of the overall project . If any task on the critical path falls behind schedule, the entire project will be delayed. Project managers always must be aware of the critical path, so they can respond quickly to keep the project on track.(page 82, Chapter 3)
9. Why is it important to deliver effective project reports and communications?
It is important because it help supervisors to know and make decision within the giving budget the company had for that