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Transformers: Age of Extinction
The scene I chose was when Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager and Optimus Prime are both on a ship getting ready with the Autobots to fight the Decepticons to save the world.
The scene conveys the message in which it is human nature for humans to make mistakes and has a relationship meaning that sometimes all we need is support from another being. The setting shows an enormous battleship. Both participants are in conflict due to humans always taking advantage of autobots, therefore leaves a negative feedback from them. Cade Yeager’s field of experience was that he is a struggling inventor trying his best. He pursue his culture to values his daughter more than anything. Both of them implement positive ethics. There were enough interference around that affected their decisions.
The real identity of Cade Yeager have no impact on how much devotion he has on his particular other, which is his daughter. The Autobots understood the generalized other valuing the lives of humans. Cade has faith on himself and Autobots on saving the world, therefore he had a self-fulfilling prophecy. A stereotype threat may occur as humans declare that they no longer needed help from Autobots. Autobots have their own self-concept that made them heroes for decades, therefore humans develop high self-esteem towards them. For all the hard work the Autobots has done, some self-respect would be valuable. A bunch of bogus people has shown performance of identity by making toys of Autobots, but hasn’t shown enacting identities towards their proper character. Autobots are required to execute their role expectations by protecting mankind, but there are also mutability because of human cruelty. The racial identity of Autobots tend to cause agony for some humans, however they could be considered as a multiracial identity. Cade Yeager has an American national identity, but also has an Irish ethnic identity, which has a limited influence in his life. As humans, they have different gender identity that enormously change overtime, as well as sexual identity which is culture dynamic. Many people understood their age identity as the way to determine their responsibilities in life. In our country, the social class identity would be middle class, however, the disability identity of the individual were not really visible to others. The growth of the religious identity is becoming vital on the point of classifying their identity.
Humans should not focus on a certain selection of human-created Transformers, but the organization of Transformers that represents as their heroes. Autobots show interpretation of friendship for humankind by coming back and fighting by their side. During the war, humans and Autobots have full selective attention devoted to gain victory against the Decepticons. The dilemma was mainly due to humans having cognitive representation that Autobots were no longer needed because human created their own transformer. We may refer to this behavior as an attribution bias showing a negative act. Operating under self-serving bias, humans tend to give themselves credit for creating their own transformer, but accept little responsibility for the conflict caused. Humans have a tendency to show ethnocentrism when they utilized their own transformer proving that they can produce a more superior version. This forced prejudiced from the Autobots provoking them to depart from Earth. Humans may argue that it was there ego-defensive function proving that they can manage to be the most creative being. They may also serve their value-expressive function on regarding their actions being precise. As time passed, the process of cohort effect was essential for humans gaining the knowledge to decode transformers of their own. The Autobots held an exclusive social role in which they pledged to protect mankind from destructive Decepticons.
Some humans may argue that it was just personal language when Cade express the end of the world, but