Essay on Ctlls Unit 2 Planning and Enabling Learning

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Planning and Enabling learning unit 2

I used the internet to research all areas of planning and enabling learning in unit 2, as I felt it offered depth and detail, as well as convenience. However, I also referred to Planning and Enabling Learning in LLLS by Ann Gravells & Susan Simpson, as well as Geoff Petty Teaching Today - A Practical Guide.

As a result of my research I am now able to recognise and define the process Initial Assessment and the connection it bears with negotiating with learners, as well as agreeing goals and actions. During the course of my research I have gained an awareness and depth of knowledge into the significance of Inclusive learning; I can now confidently adapt session plans, and delivery
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Research states that all goals must be SMART – Specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and timed.

Setting goals with the learner is part of the initial assessment process. We must first as teacher find out what the goals of the individual are by using a range of methods as suggested in during my research (see appendix 1 – Methods of agreeing goal and actions).
Agreeing goals enables learning to be measured, and gives a basis for progression. Research suggests there are clear benefits to setting clear individual learner targets and measuring progress against those targets. For example; generally learning is more successful when learners have specific targets, carefully planned and achievable targets help motivate learners, targets/goals help learner’s plan learning, achieving one target is a springboard for learners to move on to the next.
In my opinion it seems agreeing goals and actions work best when learners are closely involved in setting them as well as reviewing their own progress. It is also very important to get the right balance between learner’s having goals that are challenging but achievable.

Once goals have been agreed an action plan can be put together. An action plan will describe the steps that teachers will complete to maximize learning and to ensure goals are being