CU1532 Promote Equality and Inclusion in QCF Cert H SC L3 Section A WG Essay

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INTRODUCTION This workbook provides the learning you need to help you to achieve a unit towards your qualification. Your qualification on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) is made up of units, each with their own credit value; some units might be worth 3 credits, some might have 6 credits, and so on. Each credit represents 10 hours of learning and so gives you an idea of how long the unit will take to achieve. Qualification rules state how many credits you need to achieve and at what levels, but your assessor or tutor will help you with this. Awarding Organisation rules state that you need to gather evidence from a range of sources. This means that, in addition to completing this workbook, you should also find other ways to gather evidence for your tutor/assessor such as observed activity; again, your assessor will help you to plan this. To pass your qualification, you need to achieve all of the learning outcomes and/or performance criteria for each unit. Your qualification may contain essential units and optional units. You’ll need to complete a certain amount of units with the correct credit value to achieve your qualification. Your tutor/assessor can talk to you more about this if you’re worried and they’ll let you know how you’re doing as you progress. This workbook has been provided to your learning provider under licence by The Learning Company Ltd; your training provider is responsible for assessing this qualification. Both your provider and your Awarding Organisation are then responsible for validating it. THE STUDY PROGRAMME This unit is designed for individuals who are working in or wish to pursue a career in their chosen sector. It will provide a valuable, detailed and informative insight into that sector and is an interesting and enjoyable way to learn. Your study programme will increase your knowledge, understanding and abilities in your industry and help you to become more confident, by underpinning any practical experience you may have with sound theoretical knowledge.

The best way to complete this workbook is on your computer. That way you can type in your responses to each activity and go back and change it if you want to. Remember, you can study at home, work, your local library or wherever you have access to the internet. You can also print out this workbook and read through it in paper form if you prefer. If you choose to do this, you’ll have to type up your answers onto the version saved on your computer before you send it to your tutor/assessor (or handwrite them and post the pages). WHEN TO STUDY It’s best to study when you know you have time to yourself. Your tutor/assessor will help you to set some realistic targets for you to finish each unit, so you don’t have to worry about rushing anything. Your tutor/assessor will also let you know when they’ll next be visiting or assessing you. It’s really important that you stick to the deadlines you’ve agreed so that you can achieve your qualification on time. HOW TO STUDY Your tutor/assessor will agree with you the order for the workbooks to be completed; this should match up with the other assessments you are having. Your tutor/assessor will discuss each workbook with you before you start working on it, they will explain the book’s content and how they will assess your workbook once you have completed it. Your Assessor will also advise you of the sort of evidence they will be expecting from you and how this will map to the knowledge and understanding of your chosen qualification. You