Cuases of Smoking Essay

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Causes of smoking cigarettes Knowing that smoking is harmful for our health, we still do it; why do we keep mistreating our bodies? When we are young, the most probable cause of smoking is that we want to look older or more mature. Maybe we would like to be friends with a crowd older than us. They smoke, and we think that we would be accepted in the group if we do the same. We even think that we look cool with a cigarette in our hand. We also can find some kind of emotion in it because we have to hide it from adults and of course from our parents. When we are young, or mind is immature and we don’t realize the repercussion that our acts can have in the future. If we start to smoke when we are young, by the time that we grow up a little it is more difficult to quit. We have some designated cigarette that we can’t avoid smoking. For example, the cigarette after breakfast it is the first cigarette we have to wake up with. We also have the eleven- thirty break cigarette, after lunch cigarette, coffee cigarette, beer cigarette, or before bed cigarette. There are a lot, and besides all that cigarettes, we also have some moments when we love a cigarette and we even think that we need it. If we are watching a thriller movie, there are some parts that “we need one”, with our favorite song, or when we are having a deep conversation. Another cause of smoking is anxiety. If we are having a hard time, or we are nervous because something is going on in our lives, we tend to smoke even…