Cuba and Mexican Soap Operas Essay

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NAMES The names in my country are outrageous. The Trends to choose a name in Cuba include the adaptation of words from other languages, the formation of hybrids with the names of the parents or simples extravagances that have not explanation. Cuba was colonized by Spain and for many generations names like María, Ana, Isabel, Ramón, Pedro, Armando were common. In the eighties this custom changed, and Cubans began to call their babies with names like Mileidy by My Lady, Maivi by Maybe, Oldnavy by Old Navy, Usnavi by U.S. Navy or even Stainless Steel, all this adaptations of English words. The fusion between the mother and father´s names was another way to create names like: Rayvin (Raúl and Vivian), Mayren (Mayra y René). The recurrent option to reverse the words has been create another like: Ailed (Delia), or the names of the twins who sat next to me in fifth grade, called Nelson and Noslen, same name but inverted. We have the tradition to use names from the other cultures like Russian (Yuri, Boris, Tatiana); Muslim (Alí, Ismael, Sarah) and we use toponims in certain way, exotics for the Caribbean, like Hanoi or Yakarta. Recently the people who like the Brazilian or Mexican soap operas named their children with the names of the characters: María Fernanda, Marco Antonio and these ones are less extravagant, is like the back to the classics. But all of them are nothing, compares with the invention of names with the letter “Y”, has been a constant for many generations…