Cuba: United States and Cuba’s Motherland Essay

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Cuba struggled to stray away from Spain interest of their Caribbean island. The United States only wanted to help Cuba become more independent. The United States, invested a lot of time and money into Cuba. However, the United States had to declare war against Cuba’s motherland, Spain in 1898. The United States had at least 3 reason to go into war with Spain. On February 15, 1898, the American battleship USS Maine in Havana harbor sank. We lost a total of 266 men. During the time, the yellow journalism claimed that Spain has attack our naval ship. Hearst and Pulitzer published multiple articles slandering Spain throughout New York City. Americans remained unsure of the cause. However, most blamed the Spanish for not controlling their harbor. The influence that yellow journalism practices had on the Spanish-American War is a short dialogue between William Randolph Hearst and Frederick Remington. In Cuba in January of 1897, Remington noticed that none of massive reported battles were actually happening. He told Hearst, “that there was no war”. However, Hearst wanted Remington had to illustrate that something was happening. This helped propagate the myth that the war was created by the newspapers. This propaganda, used in the yellow journalism, influences the public and the American government to enter into the Spanish-American War. Cuba rebelled with the help of the United States. Spain barely invested their money but into the Cuban system. As a result