Cuba Vs Spain Essay

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Although many Cubans have emigrated to different countries in search of a better quality of life, one of the countries after the United States of America, receiving more Cubans every day, is Spain. The main reason why this country has allowed the entry and residence of a larger number of Cuban immigrants is because approximately 65% of Cuban people comes from Spanish ancestors. As I have the opportunity to live in Spain and Cuba, I have been able to learn and perceive with my eyes the considerable differences in these two countries. However, some similarities between them can be seen clearly.

One of the most important and significant facts of comparison, in relation to the differences between both countries, is the physical geography such as location, size, coast, and administrative subdivisions. First of all, Spain and its two islands: Canary and Balearic are placed in the Europe Continent. Its climate is very diverse because the four seasons of the year can be appreciated .In addition, the mountainous system is very large and takes up almost more than half of the national territory. Nevertheless, Cuba and its large “Isle of Youth” are situated in the Caribbean region. Usually just two seasons of the year: summer and winter are perceived. Likewise, its mountainous system is very limited. Secondly, according to the total square kilometers area, Spain has approximately 394.51sq more than Cuba. Spain keeps a larger amount of square miles range than Cuba. Thirdly, Spain is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, while Cuba is in the Caribbean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the coastline in Spain is greater than Cuba. Finally, the Spanish community is divided in 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities, and Cuba is separated in 15 provinces and one island.

Another distinction among these two countries is the economic characteristic. Since obviously Spain has a considerable population compared to Cuba, the Spanish economy has a higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and GDP per capita. According to the economic crisis that Spain is crossing since a longtime ago, the unemployment rate has recently increased more for this country than for Cuba. Another important fact inside the economy is the value of the currency in each country. In the Spanish community, the actual currency is the Euro which has a great monetary value over the two official currencies in Cuba: Cuban peso and Cuban convertible peso. However, the Euro can be used in several countries in the European Community, but the Cuban official currencies have just financial worth inside the country.

The existing culture in these two countries is another important point of view when comparing Spain and Cuba. The Spanish culture has its foundations in several historical influences such as: Ancient Rome, the Celts and Iberian