Cuban: United States and Cuba Essay

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Cuba the communist island in the Caribbean Sea, with very hard life, with bright doctors, musician, baseball players, artist, actors, poets, writers, with traditional exportation like a Cuban or Habana cigarettes, and interesting people. Cuban American culture came from Cuba a little island at North of Florida, Cuba is an island nation located on the northern of the Caribbean Sea, by the Antilles. To Cuba's east is the island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Off the southeastern is Jamaica, and to the north is the state of Florida. Cuba was colonized by the Spanish in 1511. After colonization the native population was ravaged by disease, warfare and enslavement, and those causing the total extinction of the Indians. The British capture Havana in 1762, start the cultivation sugar cane, and tobacco, and start African slavery, there is way Cuba is mix with African traditions and Spanish traditions. The primary language is Spanish. The African traditions like santarismo, and some food like pork and grains. The traditions from Spanish is Catholic and Romano, food like rice and chicken. Late 1950s when socialist guerrilla army led Fidel Castro formed socialist government, after taking control of the Island. Today, Cuba has been led by President Fidel Castro, health problems condition Fidel Castro retired from the president, his brother Raul led Cuba with same idealist and follow the same communist ideas. Cuba has had a distant and antagonistic relationship with the United States. Sugar is the principal export of Cuba, but the Cuban economy, is bad and is weak. I decide to investigate this particular ethnic group, because is very interesting how this country survive and have very advance medicine. Remember one of my friend travel to Cuba start his specialist on Plastic surgeon after cancer, like how restore parts of body after cancer, he was very proud how the doctors in Cuba are very smart, and have good equipment, but the other reality was the this doctor have a no decent life dose matter they are professional. He tells me the one day he spend the night with some friends doctor and the father of one like his gas lighter, was a very ship was Bic the plastic with different colors and he give to him. After couple years later he back to Cuba learn more about his career and again invite him to dinner and when he was at this home, when start conversation and have some coffee the doctor father bring some beautiful wood box with some design on the top and when he open, he still have this lighter. And when he ask why, why he still have he tells to my friend. “I only use in special very special occasion”. And when he tells me this story, he back and try to bring shampoo, soap, and more stuff in Cuba they take everything away, because the law in Cuba is you cannot bring nothing, only your personal items. The doctor share more stories about how the young girls prostitute for only twenty cents or one dollar, and see a lot of musician in the street can sing for the minimum pay too. In Cuba the life is very hard, the government control all life, the rate for job is only twenty five dollars at month, and the habitat is old, without all services, if the people in Cuba had a friends or family, from another Country can sent money. But the government take of total of money ten percent. The people in Cuba do not have a money for nothing, when they need food the government have a store call “bodegas” and give some debit cards and they can go and take rice, sugar, oil, eggs, etc. depend the number at home. The only they have free is Medication and Hospital. In Cuba all people live in same situation, in the interview I ask if the government workers live better. One of this Cuban tells me the his Uncle work for the Contra- Intelligence military and he works during forty years and never have his own car, and pay the same twenty dollars per month. The doctors, Engineers all work for the