Cubism And Fauvism Essay

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In the early 20th century, two art styles that were created and used were Fauvism and Cubism. Fauvism was used first in Paris in 1905 in the Autumn Salon as it referred to artwork created by Henry Matisse and his coworkers in art, such as André Derain and Maurice Vlaminck. When fauvist art was first put on display to be viewed and exhibited in the Autumn Salon, one critic called it 'Les Fauves' (Wild animals). He came up with this title from the artists’ use of strong colors that did not give the natural color representation of the object. The use of these colors was mainly focused on evoking strong emotions. Another art technique was Cubism. Cubism was created by Picasso and Georges Braque. Its main focus aimed at presenting objects from a concurrent perspective, but at many different points of view. This artistic technique brought sculpture and painting together into one. However, unlike in fauvism, color was not the primary interest in Cubism.


Developed in 1905, Fauvism was characterized by explosive use of colors augmented with an impulsive brushwork. This was an advancement of the colorist tradition that was first held by the Impressionists (the Impressionists were known for using short brush strokes with pure color in combination with flat colored curvilinear planes that were probably inspired by Gaugin). Therefore, the use of color in fauvism made the art to generate its own energy through the stark juxtapositions from the use of complementary hues. The brushwork was generally sketchy, and the arbitrary colors helped to emphasize the harsh and dissonant wild artistic effect. Although some of the works reveal modern urban alienation themes, they can also be seen to draw a lot from the Africa primitive art, the Pre-Columbian America era,