Essay about Culinary: Food and Organic Food

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Nick Sciarrino
December 8th 2014
Culinary Art
3rd Period

The Truth about your Food Imagine the chicken you are about to eat running around on a farm free and happy, right before it was murdered and put through the food processing business. Well this chicken you’re imagining is far from happy and free, it’s actually the opposite. This chicken was cramped up in a dark crowded house with thousands of other chickens. No light and no space for these poor chickens. However the real issue here is how cheap processed food is the only thing low income families can afford. These families are not getting the nutrients they need. But since they cannot afford healthy organic food they are put in a situation where there is really one option, and that’s to eat the unhealthy processed food. In the movie it showed a farmer who grows organically; he is not working for a bigger company. They interviewed people who come and buy his food and all of them travel a long way just to come get this organic food. Low income families cannot make this trip mostly because they don’t have money for gas or even the food he’s selling. This farmer doesn’t want to be bought out by a big business because he knows his food won’t be organic anymore. These big businesses come into small farms like his and make an offer hard to turn down, and then they will run the farm their way, which would be processing all of it. This means, they lose the nutrients in the food and fill it with artificial flavor that’s mostly likely high in sugar or some other ingredient that isn’t good for you. The point of all this is that this processed food is cheap and affordable and low income families are getting tricked into eating it when they really don’t know what they are eating. There are a couple solutions to this problem. We could lower the cost of organic food, or congress can pass laws restricting these big business food industries. Causing organic farmers to lower their cost of food will get rid of the problem that occurs today for low income families. Food should is a necessity and we need healthy food in order to live a healthy lifestyle; nobody should be struggling to live because of hunger or loss of nutrients’ when the resources are there. It is sickening knowing that these big businesses are more concerned about how much money they make over the overall well-being of a human. It’s a