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Cultural Considerations
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Cultural Considerations
I chose to research the cross-cultural communication with African Americans and health care. Depending on where exactly someone is from, their culture or way of doing things is a lot different. For some African Americans it is extremely hard to be able to receive health insurance even if they are residing in the United States. I believe it’s extremely hard for someone who lives in Africa to receive any kind of medical help because of the lack of resources available. For someone living inside the United States, it’s sometimes difficult for anyone to receive health insurance because of the cost and availability. This forces some people to use the emergency room as a primary source of health care services. This then puts a strain on an already burdened emergency room with most patients who are there because it’s an emergency. Communication with different cultures could become a problem especially with students and school. A teacher who isn’t familiar with a specific student’s culture may not know how to communicate effectively with them. That student’s education could be hindered because they don’t completely understand what is being taught. A students health concerns are very important especially when it comes to their education. A student’s communication with the health care providers could also be a problem because of the provider not being able to understand the student and their needs because of the difference in culture and how they resolve things. I feel the best result is to have the communication open and allow the possibility for research. If there are concerns about someone’s culture and the