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3 December 2012
Las Vegas and American Culture Nevada, just one of the many states that uphold the union of the United States, is very significant indeed. This is because in 2008 Nevada was acknowledged to be the nation’s fastest growing state economy over the previous twenty-five years (Sylvester). Having said this, one can imagine that the state also led the U.S. in population growth and job creation (Sylvester). But the question to be asked is why did these surpluses occur in Nevada? The answer to this question is quite simple: Las Vegas. Las Vegas a city innovated in the middle of the Mojave Desert, which initially was a barren land, has become one of the most popular and prosperous American cities known among the world. In fact, according to the 2010 census, Las Vegas has become the thirty-first most populous city in the United States (Las Vegas: Quick Facts). With these types of surpluses, in both the economy and the population of the city; one can imagine how it effects the population and prosperity of the entire state of Nevada. Being built and centered in a desert, one might ask his or her self why is it that Las Vegas was founded at all? The reason that the city was able to flourish, even in a hostile environment such as the desert, was that there were springs that were discovered in the region (History: City of Las Vegas). Having discovered these springs, people started moving there and based around them. After just a population of a couple of thousand, the great city of Las Vegas was formed (History: City of Las Vegas). Soon after this the city took off in the thirties, this was the time in which the hoover dam was being built, the project brought an influx of construction workers; which started a population boom and enforced the city’s economy to become prosperous (History: City of Las Vegas). Not only the dam made the city boom but the legalization of gambling did as well (History: City of Las Vegas). Although at this time gambling was just at a minor level, it still helped to stimulate the economy. While these two things were major factors in making the city flourish, they were not the only ones. Perhaps the biggest factor that led to the success of Las Vegas was World War II. “The isolated location, along with plentiful water and inexpensive energy, made Las Vegas an ideal site for military and defense related industries” (History: City of Las Vegas). With all of these new industries the economy and population flourished greatly. But soon enough the war ended. One would think following the war that the economy and population of the city would decrease but in Las Vegas’s case this didn’t happen. Actually following World War II, “lavishly decorated resort hotels and gambling casinos offering top-name entertainment came into existence”; and tourism and entertainment took over as the largest employer in the valley (History: City of Las Vegas). Soon after these businesses opened up the adult industry became to move in; by 1960 the industry was also well established in the city of Las Vegas (History: City of Las Vegas). Yet the gambling industry had just started. At the same time as the adult industry was introduced and established the gambling industry went a step further. “During the 1960s, a phenomenon led by Howard Hughes, occurs in Las Vegas. Corporations are building and/or buying hotel/casino properties. They have the capital necessary and the profitability makes entrance into the casino industry extremely attractive. Gambling becomes "gaming" and starts the transition into legitimate business.” (History: City of Las Vegas). This is the true start of the gambling industry, at a more intensive level in Las Vegas. This is also the time in which gambling really went viral in the United States. Not only were the gambling and adult industries established in Las Vegas, as stated before the entertainment industry was also established here. Around the same time in the sixties, entertainment in Las Vegas