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Two issues that I have chosen to compare from the 1950’s, 1970’s and today are trends in changing technology and the impact of media. In the 1950’s technology as we know of it today was still in its primitive stages. New gadgets were begging to become available to the public. For example the very first transistor radio that was portable came out in 1954. It was the first device of its kind that offered ear buds for personal listening as well. Toys were also beginning to take a step forward as well. Animated toys that were battery operated such as Robert the Robot were a hit in 1955. The 1970’s brought a new age in technology that we still see in effect today. The space age or “The race to the moon” brought on technological advances that put the first man on the moon. As scientists learned more about the outer limits of the solar system new concepts were made and it changed how we as humans viewed ourselves in the so called universe.
The birth of modern computing was born in the early 1970’s as well. The world's first general microprocessor — the Intel 4004 came out in Nov. of 1971. This was the first computer system that would later lead to the personal computer. Video gaming became popular in the late 70’s thanks to the computer. The 1970’s was full of changes of technology that we now take for granted.
Today technology trends cover a wide range of areas. Hand held devices like smart phones and I-pods are today’s popular gadgets. Technology in health science is much more advanced today as well. Things like Wi-Fi and the globalized World Wide Web have connected the world in ways that most would have never thought possible. Instead of writer letters or memos, we now send E-mails and text messages. The technology of today is very complex but at the same time is built to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.
The impact of media is another issue that has been transitioning over the years. NBC first developed television news in the 1950’s, combining the dramatic visual images of newsreels and announcer techniques of radio news. However in 1952-1953, while NBC encountered financial difficulty and reduced its news programming, CBS expanded its news operations. Television networks sought new anchors with star quality that would attract a loyal audience (Think quest, 2012). Television gave the media a new and powerful way to reach their audience. With families across America glued to their T.V.’s, the media exploded and had a great affect on how people went about their daily lives.
Advertising and media in the 1970’s changed dramatically from the generic visual ads and newsreels to a more “to the point” presentation. Media deception in the 1970’s was never really considered until the Vietnam War. Media played a key role in how Americans viewed the war. Because of this the post seventies brought on a more educated consumer and media audience. This again would lead to a change in how media impacted American Culture.
Media has dramatically influenced the daily life of Americans in the last fifty years but it has