Cultural Anthropology Essay

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As an amateur anthropologist, I was to participate in my observation, which I did to the best of my ability. Choosing my topic was the most difficult for me. Coming to America there are so many options that I could choose to research. So what was I to do? Well, being in the state of Kentucky, Lexington at that, I decided to research a sporting event in which Americans call basketball. As soon as I stepped of the big metal bird, I saw a picture of a wild cat holding a round orange ball. I remember thinking, "I could never hunt these animals, they are too smart, they are nothing similar to the ones in the Outback of Australia. So I stopped the person that rode next to me on the metal bird, "What is that animal doing with that ball?" He remarked, "We are in Lexington, home of the Kentucky Wildcats." With that he walked away. How could Kentucky be considered the home of the wildcat? We have many in the Outback. So, I continued down the nest where the birds drink and rest. Then it finally hit me, the name of the basketball team were the Wildcats. I was well on my way to find these "Kentucky Wildcats."

I arrived where they house the wildcats that play ball. The name of the cage was Rupp Arena. Apparently, I was not the only one interested in watching these trained animals play the sport of basketball. The price to watch these animals were extremely expensive; thirty dollars in American currency which would translate into 300 of my own currency.
Once inside the cage I found that it was not at all what I thought it to be. There was an enormous amount of people present. In my observation this event is the biggest that people in this culture attend. In this cage you could smell a variety of things. Some smells were all too familiar from home; the urine smell as you walked into the place where people went to relieve themselves reminded me of the "Hole." They had many different foods that smelled nothing like anything that I have ever smelled before. They had a brown thing that was twisted into a weird design; they had something that was in the form of a triangle that looked like a piece of bread with cheese on top and round meat. I later learned that this food was called pizza. I was introduced to sweet dirty water that they call Pepsi. They gave me little square chunks of ice to keep my Pepsi cold while I watch these animals play basketball. I was ready to go watch the animals. What a weird event that brought an extreme amount of people. As I enter the main room of the cage I find that the floor is made of wood with writing on it and there are two weird looking trees, one at each end of the court. I was overwhelmed by what I saw, I had to go down there and see what was going on. I figured there are a lot of people down there looking at the weird trees and the wood flooring with writing on it so why not join them. But what I was confused about was the fact that there were twenty-six people on this floor throwing orange balls into a ring attached on the trees. Maybe this was a ritual before the wildcats were brought out. As I try to take my first step onto the floor a man that was wearing a yellow coat with black lettering stopped me. He tried to explain that only payers could be on the floor. The expression on my face may have shown him that I was an outsider and he explained that the game was about to begin and I should take my seat. So before I found the correct seat after sitting in three other people's seats, a man wearing a blue vest finally showed me to my seat. After sitting for ten minutes the villagers began standing. In order to attempt to fit in I did this also. After I stood, music began to play and for awhile it appeared that everyone was starring at me, but after a few moments I realized that they were looking at a flag which represents the United States. After the song was over, I did as the rest and sat down. I was ready to see the wild cats play basketball. To my surprise 10 of the twenty-six people that was