Cultural Anthropology Essay

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Mathew Adiao
Period 1
Cultural Anthropology

As I lift my head and part my lips, my voice escalates with every note that resonate the air. The soothing words bounce off my tongue and release the tension within. The tune that tantalizes my ears helps me make it through the day because of its comforting presence. I believe that singing is not just an art; it's a means of expressing one's emotions. Thus my passion for singing, coupled with my love for music comes from deep within my soul, mind and heart. When I sing, I sing with all of me, putting everything I can into it, and that's exactly what makes me feel complete.
I have always had a great passion for singing. From the time I could speak my first words, I was singing! Although singing in front of others had a pure sense of joy pulsing through my veins, in my own time, singing has always been way of blocking out all my worldly worries. It is one thing that I feel strongly about, knowing that I have attained the skills with perfect ease, as if it has always been there within my soul, only left for me to discover. From a very early age, I wanted to and have to quite an extent, attain a strong understanding of the use of tune, rhythm and beats, how to pace up, where to pause and breathe. My sensible approach and proficiency has made everyone appreciate my voice and my flair very much. My urge to become a singer, grew stronger with each passing day.
Realizing the prospect of my potential, my mother admitted me into an institution where I learned singing for four years. Appreciating almost all forms of music, ranging from classical to rock, I have ended up taking rigorous courses in classical music. Once I had mastered the basics, I took a step further and enhanced my skills by practicing the various and intricate "raag" and applying them wherever I felt was appropriate. Music has given me a way out of 'my box', helped me through whatever has come my way.
Through music, I have also been able to reach out to people of my community. I have been given the opportunity to teach the basics in a school for the underprivileged children. They learnt it fairly well and became fond of my style; soon I was asked to take their academic classes. Being an initiator, I always presented keen interest in making handicrafts, teaching, debating and this opportunity serves just the purpose. During my brief time with them I was able to come in close encounters, with about the hardships these children go through, the difficulties that they have to face everyday. It made me realize that we can't always decide our fates, but only hope that the world has a place for our dreams. . I had a great time teaching them, and learning those aspects of life I had not acknowledged before. I realized how these people; get through each day that brings with it, countless difficulties. They made me count my blessings, and I was grateful that music had led me there.

As I approached my senior years in school, pressure was