Cultural Appropriation In The 21st Century

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Cultural appropriation in the 21st century is now more prevalent than ever. With the recent display of cultural traditions being appropriated by celebrities, a discussion has been sparked across the country showing an array of opinions. Cultural appropriation has been around since the early beginning of colonial America. Native American traditions, African-American traditions, and other minority groups traditions have been made to seem exotic and exploited through various forms. Some broad examples of cultural appropriation include Blackface, cultural headdresses being worn as fashion, art, and music. The researcher seeks to inquire about the development of cultural appropriation from the early 1800’s to the current 21st century and its effects on media, culture, and society for African-Americans, Native Americans, and people of Caucasian descent. Research conducted on this topic will explore the causes of why certain cultures are appropriated in particular cultures and the effects they have on the appropriated culture. It is anticipated that there will be a correlation in minorities and cultures that have been oppressed throughout American History and the frequency that their culture is appropriated. Furthermore, the research will explore how the cause of media and digital age news has effected cultural …show more content…
Research discoveries should show that each culture is appropriated in mainstream media and industries as well as in everyday life in society. Research should also show that African-American music, vernacular, hairstyles, and fashion are differently appropriated than Native American culture. Overall, the research should conclude that African American and Native American culture are two of the most appropriated cultures in pop culture and media, but displayed in extremely different