Cultural Communication Essay

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| Cultural communication | The Mexican society |

Amy Parsons

The culture I have selected is the Mexican culture. I have chosen this is because I believe that their perceptions of health and health care so different to that of many individuals. I would identify their principles of cross-cultural communication as being nonverbal communication. To them nonverbal communication is strongly influenced by respect. They tend to avoid direct eye contact with authority figures like health care providers or people with perceived class differences. They may show silence possibly meaning they have lack of agreement with a plan of care. Being touched by an unknown person to them can be very disrespectful and very stressful. On the other a hand shake is consider to be usually a welcome. Mexican Americans do concern themselves with the privacy of their needs. As with most people they will do anything to protect their family members. With the males they tend to disclose less information about themselves to anyone and the females do not like to discuss or share information about contraceptives in the family. Health care is mainly received by the Mexican American women, but mainly through a female health care provider. The male usually tends to want to be in charge of the situation. Their barriers of communication with a health care provider are very limited. First is because of the lack of English that they speak and the understanding of the language along with…