Cultural Competence In Health Care Essay

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The world’s expanding globalization requires more communication among individuals for diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, than ever before (Wambui et al., 2013). The concepts of cultural sensitivity, cultural competence, cultural awareness, and cultural diversity are important in healthcare because healthcare professions interact with people from all over the world on daily basis and knowing these concepts will help ensure maximum cultural efficiency in serving diverse communities.
Cultural sensitivity is defined as being aware of a patient’s cultural beliefs and values, and understanding how to guarantee that cultural sensitivity is executed, by utilizing scenarios presented in a training format, can be useful in guaranteeing optimal, culturally competent care (Rose 2011).
In recent years, cultural competence has become an important concept in health care and public health. In a few settings, it creates debate because of concerns regarding its need and cost-adequacy. Cultural competency is defined by the Office of Minority Health is “a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and polices that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals
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It needs to do with perceiving that everybody is different in a variety of obvious and non-noticeable ways. It is about making a culture and practices that perceive, respect and value difference (Wambui et al., 2013). Cultural diversity is important because our nation, workplaces, and schools increasingly compromise of different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups (Belfield, 2017). We can learn from each other, however, to start with, we should have a level of comprehension about each other to encourage joint effort and collaboration (Belfield, 2017). Learning about other cultures helps us understand alternate points of views within the world in which we live, and dissipates pessimistic generalizations and individual inclinations about various groups (Belfield,