Cultural Competence In Health Care Essay

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Cultural competence has become one of the most important initiatives in health care in the United States and around the world. Diversity around the world has increase due to wars, worldwide socioeconomic conditions, technology, and easier way to transport from place to place. Health ideology and health-care providers have learned that it is just as important to understand an individual’s cultural aspects as well as understanding physiological responses in illness, disease, and injury. The health care provider can be as competent as he can be and be able to understand all lab values and health diagnoses of a patient but if the healthcare provider is not familiar with patients own health beliefs, dietary practices, and their view towards wellness, the treatment is less likely to be followed. Therefore, when constructing a healthcare plan one must include the patient in while making choices that is changing the patient lifestyle and …show more content…
All healthcare providers need to have similar information and skill development to communicate effectively with diverse population both verbally and nonverbally. A lack of knowledge of patient’s culture and beliefs can cause problems with the care provided and with the outcomes.
If everyone around the world increase their knowledge about the most common cultures in the world, they will be improving health and health care, decrease disparities, and increase patient satisfaction and patient outcomes . According to Healthy People 2020, and the Joint Commission, everyone should be aware of cultures across the world and the teachings should be included in from elementary schools to colleges and universities . Cultural diversity and cultural competence relate to disparities, health promotion and wellness, illness, disease, and injury prevention, and health maintenance and restoration