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Karley Hill
Mrs. Volpe
30 October 2014 Cultural Conflict Essay
Jess and Jules and two girls who play Futbol (soccer) in England. Jess is Indian and her family is very involved in the Indian culture, and her parents don't approve of her playing soccer.
Her sisters wedding, which she has to attend, has now been changed to the same day as an important soccer tournament. At this soccer tournament, Jess could possibly get a scholarship and be recruited to play soccer in America. Her parents say she isn’t allowed to play in the tournament, but she leaves the wedding early, ends up playing and winning, and gets recruited to play in America. The conflicting desire of Jess was her wanting to play in the important soccer tournament, or obeying her parents and attending her sister's wedding. Jess’ important soccer tournament has been scheduled for the 25th for a while, then, her father informs her that her sisters wedding date has been changed to the same day. Her father is aware of the soccer tournament but tells her that it’s her sisters wedding, but it is her choice. Jess isn’t sure if she should go to the wedding, or play in her soccer tournament where she could be offered a life changing opportunity.

The day of the wedding arrives, and Jess still isn’t sure what to do. After she is at the wedding for a while, she makes the decision sneak away to leave and go play. Her uncle drives her to the tournament where she surprises her teammates and coach, because they didn’t