Cultural Considerations Remote or Robotic Surgery Essay

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Team Project Guidelines
This capstone course concludes with a research Team Project that starts during the first week and continues throughout the duration of the class. It culminates with the submission of a formal team report and an oral presentation by each team during Week 7, and Peer Reviews in Week 8.
Each team will identify and explore an emerging technology. This will be a technology that may already exist, but is drawing attention because of new applications, anticipated impacts or potential controversies. Examples could include:
My portion of this paper is Cultural Considerations: we have chosen (Robtic surgery as our topic)
Cultural Considerations: This is a really important section. Consider the
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Use numbers and letters to indicate the level of your headings, for example: I. Description of the Technology a. Science that drove the technology b. Applications of the technology II. History of the Technology a. A brief timeline b. An analysis of social factors that drove the technology
Be consistent with your choice of phrases, making sure they are grammatically parallel (where possible).
Each member of the team is to take responsibility for sections of this report. Indicate the assigned sections by placing the student’s name next to each section. When assigning the research try and match up personal strengths or interests. Once again, the required elements are: * A brief description of the technology and an explanation of the associated science * The historical development and context of the technology * Political and legal influences * Economic questions and considerations * Psychological considerations and sociological effects * The technology in its cultural context, media influence * Implications for the environment * Moral and ethical implications
The finished assignment should be 2 – 3 pages in length, not counting the title page. Although this assignment will result in a group grade, each person is required to submit a copy to the dropbox by the due date. The Team Leader will distribute the finished product to each team member, whereupon each team member will