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Application Paper #1
Culture and Identity
First draft due: Oct. 1

Final draft due: Oct. 15

For this assignment, reflect on how your cultural background has influenced your identity, self-concept and approach to communication. What culture or cultures do you identify with? Why are they important to you? How have they changed (or solidified) over time? How have they influenced the way you communicate? How does your cultural approach to communication add value to a situation or relationship? Be sure to use terms, concepts and ideas from the text and from class. Remember, cultures are not bound just to ethnicity; cultures can emerge from any group – sports fans, hobbies, age groups etc.
Individualism/collectivism; independent/interdependent self; power distance; role flexibility
(masculine/feminine); uncertainty avoidance; context in communication (high/low); time orientation; emotional expression; self-concept; self-esteem; attributions
This is a reflective paper – that is, there is no right or wrong answer to the prompt.
Demonstrate your understanding by making strong connections between the concepts discussed in class and your own life. A strong paper will show evidence of critical thinking and personal reflection. I am happy to provide you in-person feedback at any stage of your writing process (except at
2AM the night before it’s due). Feel free to bring any ideas/notes/outlines/drafts/etc. to office hours or make an appointment to