Cultural Diversity Essay

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Multiculturalism: multiculturalism is all different people of different cultures that live in the same society.
Effective communication: effective communication is being: clear, concise, purposeful, correct, courteous, directive and culturally sensitive. There are three channels that are appropriate for effective communication.
1. The sender must communicate clearly and effectively.
2. The receiver must be open to receive the message.
3. The message is the link between the sender and receiver.
Internal and external customers: internal customers are the people inside the workplace which include: workmates and colleagues.
External customers: are people outside of the work place. This includes: local residents, visitors, media and members of other hospitality and tourism sectors.
Colleagues: are the people you work with. Support services: Activity or function required for successful completion of a process, program, or project.

Research- extended responses
1. Japanese culture- the Japanese culture is intimidated from long eye contact. They bow when greeting and first names are only usually for friends and family only, they prefer to use last names.

Asian culture- pointing is not considered polite so direct customers with hand flat and palm up. Excessive eye contact is intimidating.

American culture- expects good customer service. Expect iced water and they call main meals entrée’s and they call entrée’s appetiser.

Indonesian culture- Indonesians are a very private race. They like to eat sitting down and regard eating on the move to be very rude. They like to communicate by eye contact and dislike people talking to them with sunglasses on.

2. A service provider needs to be mindful of cultural stereotyping because you don’t want to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing to a person of a different culture because then you would have yourself in a lot of trouble and you might lose business because the customer will not come back if they are made to