Essay about Cultural Diversity Size Does Matter

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Reflection on Diversity Size Does Matter
Samantha Thomas RN
DeVry University
November 30, 2014

Reflection on Diversity Size Does Matter When asked if there was ever a time when I felt like I was invisible, excluded or too visible the answer is yes. When I graduated from nursing school at 25 after a bad relationship I weighed 265 lbs. and at 5 foot 4inches that is large for my frame. I had gained weight anxiety, depression and social isolation took over my life. I never really thought people looked at me differently until one day I was walking into my apartment building with baby on one hip and grocery bag in other had struggling to get in when a man in front of me went in the door and promptly let it shut in my face baby and all. Wow I though how rude yet over a few weeks I noticed he opened the door and held it for several other women some with no bags or children in tow. What did they have that I did not have? It was evident that it was a size issue.
According to obesity society, overweight people are more likely to experience discriminated in the hiring process. There are studies that show if a resume includes a video or picture that the overweight person will receive a more negative rating and be less likely to get the job. Overweight employees are often stereotyped as lazy, sloppy less competent and lacking self-disciple to name a few.
To play the coin from the other side in 1996 I lost weight down to 145 and what I noticed blew my mind. I never really paid attention before because people or let us say men never paid much attention to me. Know they were opening doors, talking to me on the airplane, chatting with me in the grocery line and offering to help me when my tire was flat. I was flattered but then upset I am the same person but seeing the difference weight made in people’s perception of me