Cultural Diversity & Special Populations Essay

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Throughout these five weeks of reading our assigned chapters and class discussions
I have realized a few of my White classmates appear to resemble the rest of society in their limited views of discrimination and oppression, also of the many privileges they have been afforded. I found this somewhat disturbing and surprising. My other fellow classmates who fall under a minority category seemed to have had some form of raciest or oppression experience(s). Hearing their stories, whether in class discussions or through personal discussions, I also felt anger and pain for them. I too have had biased or raciest opinions of individuals I have crossed paths with and had to rethink those thoughts or opinions. Maybe because of my opportunities to be exposed to many various cultures, races, sexual orientation or prefaces, and ethnic groups, I have learned be a little more open-minded or capable of seeing things through the eyes of others a little more than some of my other classmates. Please note that I am not saying that I am wiser or better than any of my classmates because I am not by any means. I believe human service workers must be a little more open-minded or capable of seeing things through the eyes of their clients throughout their career in this field. As long as we can acknowledge these facts and work toward developing a more open-minded or acceptance of these difference we become a better person individual as-well-as a human service employee. I also believe