Essay Cultural Diversity and Louie

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1) Does Louie have a problem, or are the people who made the negative comments about Louie just being too sensitive?

According to the article, the manager named Louie does have problem. The people who made the negative comments are not being too sensitive since the comments about him are true although he may not realize that. Louie has discrimination problem against female (para.3 and 8), homosexual (para. 4), older people (para. 5) and other races of people were judged by him with his own perception which might be wrong. (para. 7)

As we saw from study case, Louie insulted a female customer to discuss with her husband in order to get new exhaust system instead of making decision by her.
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With the clear and correct picture of history of others’ culture, Louie may know how to respect and reflect when he faces problems in the future. At the same time, Louie can improve his soft skills which are important for daily interaction such as leadership and how to deal with people through training work and activities.

Third ways that Louie can improve himself is by building up his teamwork skills. Teamwork is very important in build up reputations of company in order to achieve company’s objective. Customers would not have confidence on a company which is lack of teamwork. Louie should be encouraged to work in groups without ethnocentrism. Through working in a group with conversation, Louie can learn and understand others’ feelings.

4) Workforce diversity has been a great challenge for manager. Do you agree with this statement? Justify.

For us, we agree with the statement which workforce diversity has been a great challenge for manager. It makes manager’s life difficult. Employees may have problems among themselves which need attention from managers and managers also have problems that need advice from other. We are going to discuss about the problems of both of them.

Managers find difficulties to solve the problems come from workforce diversity especially for the managers who are lack of experience. What is diversity? The definition of