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Michelle Olson
Intro to Sociology
“Cultural Observation”
Airport Dining
Logan International Airport has estimated over 14 million flights per year. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. In the last decade Logan Airport has been stepping up their game and saying bye, bye to just stale turkey sandwiches, plastic wrapped salads and bottled sodas. Dining culture here at Logan Airport has been taken it to a pub or fine dining experience. Of course there is still Starbucks and their wrapped sandwiches and Au Bon Pan grab and goes for those that have 10 minutes before they board their flight, but there are more dine in restaurants than ever before. Dining here at Logan Airport or at any airport at that matter is a completely different atmosphere than restaurants out on the street. The restaurants are not what make them different from any other restaurant, it’s the people.
When most people plan to go out and have breakfast, lunch or dinner at their favorite spot in the city of Boston or to try a new place they’ve never been before, usually they’re excited, happy and relaxed. All the things that most people are not when they come into Boston Beerworks, Logan Airport at 6am.
I would like to think everyone is happy to see a bartender or server, I mean, they have warm breakfast, hot coffee and quick and efficient service from their bright eyed and bushy tailed server. If you are staying after 8 a.m., well then you can enjoy a Bloody Mary or mimosa or two to take the edge off, because we all know you “hate flying”. Serving alcohol at 8 a.m. is earlier than any other restaurant in Massachusetts. But you still get those customers that looked surprised when you tell them at 6 a.m. “Sorry, bar doesn’t open till 8”. The best part is when they say “Are you serious? This is ridiculous!” Its 6 a.m. have a coffee, you lush. It is early, I get that, you’re grumpy, most people don’t get up at 3:00 a.m. for a 6 a.m. flight, but you’ve made it through security and everything is going to be ok.
Going to the airport is stressful, you arrive two hours early to just stand in the long check in line or go through security. Not to mention you’re being stripped of all your dignity while going through security can really make a person feel violated. At least when you are outside of the airport going out to eat with your friends and family, it’s not so intense. Well maybe, but for the most part, people look forward to dining out. People who come into Boston Beerworks are three things; they are either really hunger, want a drink to take the edge off or just bored so they come in to torture the poor waitress with their shitty attitude. Of course because she was the one who made you stand in that long line at check in and the security check point. She also was the one who made you undress in front of everyone and she was the one who went through your personal belongings and touched you in places she probably wouldn’t even dream of. You know what, relax, you’ve made it through security; everything is going to be ok.
I am sure the behaviors of a customer are not any different than if he or she was a customer at another restaurant on the street. They are still rude and annoying and awfully demanding and yet leave a generous 10% tip. Just something about airport customers are different. They expect too much too fast and they are really stupid. Boston Beerworks tends to get busy in a matter of moments. A delayed flight can fill up a restaurant so fast your head spins. But you always get that one customer who thinks they are the only customer you are waiting on. Just an FYI, never raise your hand to her when she is talking to another table. It is rude and she will probably make you wait a little longer now. They know you have a flight to catch you idiot. People who come in with only 20 minutes before boarding; stay off your phone, your server will tend to you faster. She will not greet you if you are on your phone. Love when they’ve been on